Don’t Mess with Texas

In my last post, I mentioned that I had an announcement to make. I found out a couple weeks ago that a short story I wrote, Don’t Mess With Texas, was a finalist for Litreactor’s first Featured Workshop Story. My piece, along with two others, was sent to the guest editor, Craig Clevenger, the author of Dermaphoria and The Contortionist’s Handbook. Clevenger then selected one story to be published.

As it turned out, he picked mine. And the really exciting part, for me, was reading Clevenger’s assessment (over, and over, and over):

This one is nuts-and-bolts prose. It reads casually and effortlessly, as though heard by someone telling it over drinks (an effect heightened by the second-person POV, which normally throws me, as does the present tense); at the same time, there’s nearly zero superfluous verbiage here. The exposition is devoid of any driftwood, and when the characters speak they’re front and center, without any authorial intrusion. Really solid piece, this one.

The story is up over at Litreactor now, so go check it out.


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