A New Gig: ACC Football Writer for Rant Sports

After leaving a full-time copy writing gig back in March, I’ve had very little free time. I’ve kept busy with my creative writing, reading, and quite a bit of traveling (because these are all work related when you’re a writer!). But the biggest reason for my lack of free time these days is I am out on my own, pursuing the freelance writing career I’ve been thinking about for so long.

I’ve had a few jobs since then and, of course, the search for work is never ending. Unfortunately, most of the work I’ve done as a freelancer hasn’t been anything that I could link to here, so I haven’t had much to post about. I’m hoping to change that now.

I just accepted a job as an ACC Football writer for Rant Sports. I will most likely write about Syracuse football quite a bit, but I plan to cover the entire league. The site is opinion based and, despite the site’s name, I’m hoping to add a thoughtful, analytical voice to their coverage.

I won’t spam this space with every article I write, but expect the occasional update on how things are progressing with the new gig, along with any random thoughts I might feel like posting. And if you want to check out my thoughts on ACC football, be sure to head over to Rant Sports.


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