ACC Football: Making Sense of the Coastal Division

Since writing for Rant Sports isn’t like writing a blog, I’ve decided to announce a feature that I will be working on for them here. Over the next two weeks or so, I’m going to focus on the ACC Coastal division. Unlike the Atlantic, where the Florida State Seminoles are almost a lock to win, the famously unpredictable Coastal division is completely up for grabs this year. I could image almost any of its seven teams making an appearance in the ACC Championship game.

I’m going to countdown from the team I find least likely to win the division, to the most likely champ. Each article will explain some of the reasons why the featured team could win the division, or even end up in last place.

Could the champ be the Duke Blue Devils again? Possibly. They might be the favorite, but I wouldn’t count out the Miami Hurricanes, the North Carolina Tar Heels, or the Virginia Tech Hokies either.

And those are just the usual favorites. But nobody picked Duke last year. Surely another sleeper could end up winning the division again. Perhaps the Pittsburgh Panthers?The Virginia Cavaliers went 0-8 in ACC play last year, but I’m not sure I would completely rule them out, either.

I’ve begun the research, and a picture of how these teams should be ranked is beginning to form in my mind. Look for the first article in this series later this evening or tomorrow. Until then, feel free to check out my author page, and catch up on the articles I’ve already published.


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